Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation is quickly becoming an integral part of how we communicate and engage with each other.

Expressing a vision or idea visually has proven to be far more effective, simply because visual content reaches your brain in a faster and more digestible way compared to textual information.

It’s also an approach that encourages collaboration since others can easily contribute their own ideas and thoughts in a way that’s immediately and collectively understood.

What is Graphic Facilitation?

Graphic facilitation is about using both words and images to visually conceptualize ideas and discussions in real-time.

The role of a graphic recorder/graphic facilitator is to:

● Break down complex concepts and make them easier to process
● Communicate your plan of action in a way your team can fully understand
● Save time and boost productivity by simplifying abstract ideas
● Promote a company culture of creativity through collaboration and Exploring big ideas

That’s where VisualFunk can help.

Our team of professional artists cleverly illustrate ideas on demand, whether it be a monkey on a tricycle or an expression of the fluctuating stock market.

Our team of professional artists have a creative talent to draw whatever you want, in a way that your audience can understand and connect with. Graphic facilitation is not just taking notes in brightly coloured squares.

To see the quality of what the team create, click through to our Graphic Facilitation Gallery

Those who attend our events report a lasting impact on their ability to think big and contribute ideas like never before.

Thanks again for your wonderful ‘maximalist’ approach, the guys in the workshop loved it and will be using it as part of their communications plan! I think it added great value to capturing the core ideas in a creative and concrete way…certainly better than streams of text.” Human Synergistics

Graphic Facilitation is also referred to as:

● Graphic Recording
● Visual Facilitation
● Visual Scribe
● Corporate Storyteller
● Corporate Illustrator

Whatever you’re looking for that involves Visual Communication, the VisualFunk team have the ability to make it happen.

Graphic Facilitation can be used in conjunction with Design Thinking Workshops, Innovation Hackathons, Creativity Workshops and all Conference Programs

Are you ready to express ideas and thoughts in a whole new way?

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