Creative Team Building

Creative team building is all about working together to cement a company culture of creative collaboration.

The ability to be creative doesn’t happen overnight. You first need to break through the negative perceptions of how uncreative you are, and continue to flex your creative muscles regularly.

Here’s how YOU can benefit:

● Everyone in the room is engaged. YES, even the usual conference hostages!
● Team building actually becomes fun when you’re using facilitators who can warm up a crowd and take them on a journey
● You’ll get the perfect blend of fun and learning with plenty of “aha” moments thrown in
● Get your team involved with activities that ensure a high level of connection and engagement (not another amazing race)
● Significantly improve your innovation mindset by exploring the creative process that drives innovation
● Experience team building programs that take people on a creative journey in a very practical way, from “I don’t believe I am
creative” through to “I can’t believe we have created this”
● Fully support your conference themes rather than being a fun ‘add on’

VisualFunk’s team building programs are designed to bring your people together and release their best creative thinking in a team-based environment. These programs work incredibly well because they leverage a proven design and arts-based thinking process.

Our programs are 100% scalable and work with groups from as little as 6 people, all the way to several hundred. More importantly, activities are suited to all attendees, regardless of physical fitness or age.

Your employees will be encouraged to explore relevant business themes (such as strategy, purpose, vision, values, etc) and bring these ideas to life in a way that captivates everyone in the room (without the cheesy factor!).

Again thanks for pulling off what will be a memorable night and of course now the bar for next year’s event is set very high. Great job and really enjoyed working with you.” Telstra

Our creative team building events  can also be run in conjunction with Design Thinking workshopsCreativity WorkshopsInnovation Hackathons and Graphic Facilitation workshops.

Are you ready to take creative collaboration to the next level?

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