Creativity and Problem Solving Workshops

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.

It involves breaking established patterns in order to look at things in a profoundly different way. It means removing common psychological barriers and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible.

Why am I telling you this?

If there’s one essential ingredient missing from the workforce of most corporate companies today, it’s creativity. In order for those companies to not only survive, but also flourish in the years to come, that needs to change. A recent LinkedIn global survey lists creativity as the No.1 soft skill needed by employers in 2019.

Introducing Creative Problem Solving Workshops by VisualFunk

We developed our leading Creativity Workshops to tackle this problem and reignite our natural creativity in the hearts and minds of corporate employees.

Our Creative Problem Solving Workshops are vastly different to what’s currently out there. We employ a very hands on approach based on the fundamental principles of neuroscience, human behaviour and design and arts based learning. This, we believe, is what it takes to truly reignite creativity, fresh thinking and bold ideas –something we were all born to do.

The VisualFunk Facilitation team leverage their enormous energy, humour and creative passion to infuse every participant in the room with a new sense of creative vitality.

Our Creativity and Problem Solving Workshops will allow you to:

● Look at old problems from a brand new perspective

● Ask better questions to get better answers

● Discover product ideas you never knew you had

● Unlock a renewed energy and creative mindset

● Develop your team’s creativity and skyrocket productivity by looking at possibilities through a new lens

● Remove creative block

● Think differently both inside and outside of work

That’s right…

This isn’t just about the workplace. Just like the professional bodybuilder, growing your creative muscles is a repetitive and continuous process. True creativity isn’t something you turn on and off inside and outside of work – it’s a way of living.

We like to think (and feedback tells us) that everyone who attends our Creative Problem Solving Workshops leaves with a lasting and measurable increase in productivity through fully utilising their long ignored creative insight.

Simon and his team designed and delivered workshops and visual facilitation activities for the entire leadership team (200 or so) to explore the vision for the new city of Canterbury Bankstown. The outcome was a visual representation of our new organisation, what we do and how we deliver services to our community which will be essential to driving our organisation forward. Simon displayed excellent customer service and worked across many areas of our organisation with our staff to ensure the vision captured a broad range of views and perspectives.”
City of Canterbury Bankstown

Our creativity workshops can also be run in conjunction with Design Thinking workshops, Innovation Hackathons and Graphic Facilitation workshops.

Are you ready to push the boundaries of what you think is possible?

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