Innovation Hackathons

A company’s ability to be innovative is what propels it from being an industry follower, to an industry leader.

Of course, it’s a lot easier said than done. Innovation requires a collective, creative mindset and behaviour that matches it. A company culture with an ability to not only dream big but also deliver big.

Keep reading if…

●  Company meetings lack creative energy and excitement
●  Employees aren’t encouraged to think outside the corporate box
●  The few ideas that do get voiced seem to fall on deaf ears
●  Staff are too caught up in business as usual to truly embrace fresh thinking

You already know change is needed to be a market leader, and that change calls for innovation. This is why it’s more important than ever to develop a company culture that harbors a truly innovative mindset.

But how do you effectively take a team off autopilot and turn a machine mindset into an army of uber creative, profit-driving geniuses?

The answer is a culture shifting, Innovation Hackathon from VisualFunk.

What are Innovation Hackathons?

It’s a hands-on-experience designed to explore and encourage dynamic thinking. A series of events that inject new life into your team’s innovative spirit and directly influence your company’s ability to produce market-leading results.

It’s true what they say -size doesn’t matter. Whether you have a small crew of 10 or a large team of 100, Innovation Hackathons lift the boundaries of imagination and redefine what’s possible in the workplace.

This is achieved using a cocktail of visual elements and contagious humour, backed by a team of Hackathon Facilitators and creative experts who all share one mission -to drive a corporate culture of innovation and fully deliver on the ‘big ideas’ potential in your organisation.

Our day was superb from start to finish; seamlessly linked to the themes of our planning conference, the sessions were energetic, stimulating and the results were amazing. It is without doubt the best session that I have been involved in and I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon and his team to any other organisation.” AECOM

Our corporate hackathons can also be run in conjunction with Design Thinking workshops, Creativity workshops and Graphic Facilitation workshops.

Are you ready to push the boundaries of what you think is possible?

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