Graphic Facilitation Workshops

Effective communication is all about enabling your audience to understand your key messages..

The effectiveness of our communication is at the heart of our ability to produce extraordinary results, and this applies tenfold in the work environment.

That’s why graphic facilitation is beginning to take president in the corporate world, because never has there been a more effective method of quickly sharing and demonstrating ideas with your team.

VisualFunk’s Graphic Facilitation Workshops show you exactly how to leverage this medium and harness the true power of visual communication.

You’ll learn how to:

1. Power-up your own workshops and meetings through graphic facilitation
2. Simplify complicated ideas using visual elements
3. Convey your message to leaders and decision makers quickly and efficiently
4. Map out new product or service ideas using design thinking principles
5. Ditch your text heavy outdated methods of communication

The VisualFunk team leverages 3 core principles that are proven to empower workshop attendees with a newly discovered ability to express ideas visually.

Principle #1: Learn to see: Reverse negative views on drawing and show participants how to really look at objects and draw what they see.

Principle #2: Go back to basics: Using time honoured, artistic principles, discover the process for drawing a simple and accurate visual representation of anything you want to.

Principle #3: Confidence: Encourage participants to embrace graphic facilitation and an expansive outlook to feel confident about projecting their ideas onto the drawing board.

“Simon and his team designed and delivered visual facilitation workshops for the entire leadership team (200orso) to explore the vision for the new city of Canterbury Bankstown. The outcome was a visual representation of our new organisation, what we do and how we deliver services to our community which will be essential to driving our organisation forward. VisualFunk worked across many areas of our organisation with our staff to ensure the vision captured a broad range of views and perspectives and were wonderful to work with.” City of Canterbury Bankstown

Learning Graphic Facilitation is the perfect skill to complement our Design Thinking Workshops, Innovation Hackathons and Creativity Workshops

Are you ready to level up your communication skills and start producing extraordinary results?

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