Why Visual Storytelling is Important

How are you telling your stories?  Is it in a way our brain loves? With the plethora of data, noise and information that is bombarding us at a pace that keeps increasing, the ability to cut through that noise and make sense of all that information with storytelling has never been important.

Storytelling has become a HUGE buzz word, especially in social media. Alongside this popularity, video and presenting ideas visually has dominated digital marketing. AND there is a reason why…it gives your brand greater authenticity, as you can visually communicate your message or brand ethos to your customer.  The emphasis on video is only going to increase, as companies vie to catch your attention in this digitally disruptive world.

Telling stories is not only important for digital marketing. It is hugely important when you are trying to get a concept across to your team, manager, client or customer.

All too often, our presentations can get caught up in information overload (when they don’t have to).

Information presented just the way your brain likes it

The image on the left is how our brain likes to think. The image on the right, however, illustrates how we often overcomplicate our presentations and storytelling.

You might not realise it, but the image on the left takes around 1/10 of a second to understand. That then allows the audience to quickly reference the image then LISTEN to the story about that image.

The image on the right is a journey into trying to listen and read at the same time, which Science tells us our brain doesn’t like.

Want to tell great stories?  Do you need to uncomplicate your presentations? Try using more visuals and less text. Tell stories that people can listen to, so they are not having to read your slides.

Put information in a way our brain loves….by showing things visually! When you create visually arresting stories, your brain will process the idea quicker and your audience will understand the concept or story more clearly.

Test it, try it, test it again…

Why don’t you test it out with an upcoming presentation and see if you find a difference with your audience?

Let me know in the comments below what happened with the change in process?  Did your audience understand the story when you presented your concepts visually rather than with pages of text? Would you use this idea regularly going forward?

If you want to get some more ideas on how to draw visually and conceptualise using your drawings, take a look at my videos here. Sometimes we can get stuck in working out how to visualise ideas, my videos will help to break down the process easily and get you on track to presenting your grand ideas graphically!

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