Simon Banks: Watch me draw my Story

A Simon Banks ‘ Draw My Life’ style whiteboard animation that takes you through his professional journey. The voiceover animation showcases his passion for creativity, educational background and experiences travelling the world.


I’m Simon.  Proudly born in Tasmania with a passion for the creative side of life that just keeps growing.

This love for the creative led me to studying Visual Arts, Physical Education and teaching.  Inevitably I had to travel to fulfill my urge to see what the world had to offer.  I left Australia for the States.  I was getting very good feedback about my art. I was starting to exhibit and had caught the creativity bug that drives me to this day. Involvement in the drama society and being paid as the student activities leader was forming a picture of what was to come.

Graduating I was head first into my art career and developing artistic programs for primary kids who had all been expelled from normal school. Mentored by psychologists, I got a great insight into behavioral change. I was continuing to exhibit and was teaching art at Uni and TAFE and organising events.

Scratching the itch for change, I headed to London and found myself working in Learning and Development with Oxygen Learning as the new millennium came in.  This is where my new education started.

I kept my creative pursuits happening on the side but found my life was balanced best when mixing it with the corporate world. An opportunity to work part time with Oxygen Learning and part time lecturing on the amazing collection at The National Gallery in London triggered a light bulb in my head – Could there be a mix of my corporate and creative worlds?

Grabbing my surfboard and love of my life Sally, I went to cultivate that thought. 2 yrs later I announced that these worlds can mix, so I started delivering a wide range of events throughout London all about being creative. I even managed to squeeze in a solo art exhibition!

Upon return to Australia, I moonlighted in a number of creative, event and facilitation roles including one at the Museum of Contemporary art for 18 months.   By 2007 I launched VisualFunk – which combined my extensive creative and corporate experience.

I finally felt I was on the right path – creating a business where I got to work with people, present an alternative way of educating and unlock untapped creative potential.  I get to do what I love and love what I do…

Oh and in the mean time I have also married Sally, have 3 beautiful children, continue to surf, create, live life to the fullest and take other people on journeys (even if they don’t physically leave the conference room)!

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