Learn Graphic Facilitation with VisualFunk – Episode 3


Artists see the things that they want to draw in shapes. Once you master this, you can literally learn to draw and scale out anything and become a kick ass graphic facilitator and visual communicator in the process. Using shapes is where drawing all comes together and you become a drawing Marvel Hero of your choice.

A quick recap of the journey so far: 


There are four basic shapes you need to be able to draw. These are:

  • A circle, or you can squish it to make an oval
  • A square. If you squish that square or you make a rectangle
  • A triangle and it can be any type you like
  • The final shape you need is an amorphous shape. It could be anything that can be pushed and pulled outside of three basic shapes: A blob, a cloud or something in between. It doesn’t have to have a name but it has to be flexible.

Using these shapes, you can literally draw anything.

So remember, look at the world in shapes. If you are stuck ask, “What are the shapes that make this object up?” and use the four shapes to sketch that out. Once you get your scale and frame correct, you can then easily fill in the rest of the detail. It’s how artists all over the world draw.

Always remember, practice makes perfect.Practicing silences the Ogre. So get practicing!

If you have any other ideas around how to make graphic facilitation or visual communication easier, let me know and I will share it.

Simon Banks is an emcee, speaker, training facilitator and presenter who is professional and creative, and brings all the vim and vigour your audience expect to ensure brilliant corporate events. He’s the Director of creative training company VisualFunk, known for running innovation hubs, conferences and training days to brew fresh thinking and develop market leading ideas. His first book, 1000 Little Lightbulbs, will be released in early 2017.

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