Are you ignoring your inner artist?

How much are we ignoring our inner artist?


I think we do so at our disadvantage.


Mmmmm, I hear people say, "That's all well and good but I don't have a creative bone in my body, I am not an artist."


We are all artists.

If you have ever imagined something, (like not being at work), you are an artist.

If you have ever been on an adventure, you're an artist.

If you have ever tried something new in the kitchen, your an artist.

If you have ever been curious, about anything - you're an artist.

If you have ever compared paint colours for a wall, you're an artist.

If you have ever made up a fun story for your kids, you're an artist.

If you have ever organised a last-minute party, you're an artist.

All styles and modes of thinking need a counterbalance. We have been trained to think in logical, orderly, risk-free, straight to the solution, my way or the highway approach. (Not all bad)

That's where our inner artist comes in.

We all have the inborn ability to create, imagine, experiment and be curious - and the most amazing breakthroughs are from people who see the world in all different types of ways, not just through a certain set of blinkers.

The future (and right now) needs creators, Imagineers, curious cats and originality.

As I have said before, creativity, curiosity, and the ability to innovate are some of the main 21st century skills that our workforce needs to cut through the distraction and continue to thrive in a busy, modern world.
Don't ignore your inner artist.


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Chat soon,

Simon Banks, Director of VisualFunk

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