Conference MC

A conference requires a massive investment of time, money and people.

With that said, if there was ever a perfect time to drive your message home, energise your people and kick off the next twelve months with a bang – this is it. When executed properly, the positive effects of a company conference can be felt long throughout the year.

Unfortunately, this is also where many companies still get it wrong. The era of “we talk, you listen” is long gone. Not only is it a terrible way of learning, but it’s also certain to alienate your audience as well as send them to sleep…

Keep reading if you want to:

  1. Engage your audience throughout the entire event
  2. Keep everyone glued to the stage and not their mobile phones
  3. Inject the right mix of learning and fun
  4. Blow last year’s event out of the water
  5. Ditch the painfully boring PowerPoint Presentations

Enter VisualFunk.

VisualFunk is not a PCO or conference organiser, what we do happens the moment your company walks in the conference room.

A great conference facilitator provides the essential ingredients for a successful conference. A sprinkle of magic, a dash of energy and a pinch of buzz to create a day your delegates can immerse themselves in.

Your conference should be about the people in the room and providing a platform to collaborate, communicate and share ideas. After all, the best learning at a conference happens not only from the experts but from peers in the room.

With 15 years of experience developing conference content, we’ve been able to refine our ideas and approach to optimise results, including:

  1. A professional Conference MC to energise your audience and ensure the day flows smoothly
  2. Facilitation of break out sessions and learning hubs
  3. Idea bombing sessions to foster innovation
  4. Team Building and Team Development programs
  5. Keynote presentations
  6. Graphic recording of the day and visual communication

By collaborating with VisualFunk (created by Simon Banks), we’ll make your next conference one to remember and one that actually delivers results – that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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